High Security multipoint locking for armored doors.

Latch functionality
Single or double locking mechanism
Euro profile cylinder
Right- or left-hand installation

3 triple-bit foldable keys with green inserts
1 blue duplication card for the green-insert keys
1 triple-bit foldable key with a yellow insert that invalidates the keys with the green insert when used
1 blue duplication card for the yellow-insert key
Additional key - with red insert that invalidates the yellow-insert key when used

Handle operation
Latch: Ø20 mm
Backset: 65 mm
Bolt stroke: 30 mm
Lever stroke: 20 mm
Bolts: Ø18 mm
4 bolts for standard 28 mm bolt spacing (A)
3 bolts for 37 mm bolt spacing (A)
Bolt protrusion: 3, 13 mm (S)
Variety of key lengths

For ordering information see the Mul-T-Lock Italy Catalogue.

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