Compact 7x7®

Mul-T-Lock’s world-renowned and award-winning locking and access control solutions are as diverse as the needs they address. From High Security, simple yet strong locksets for the residential market through to our sophisticated electromechanical access control solutions, Mul-T-Lock’s wide-range of products and solutions provide the protection our customers seek.


Mul-T-Lock Machinery's compact manual key-cutting machine is a modern, high-precision, CE-certified machine that cuts Mul-T-Lock cut-to-code keys from the 7x7® and Integrator® series.

Set to the correct combination by the key registration card − included in the original package sold to the customer − the machine cuts keys according to the manufacturer's initial specifications. Cutting is performed one side at a time, allowing for a different combination on either side of a single key blank.

The machine features a new depth-setting mechanism − whose patent is pending in many countries worldwide − and is capable of cutting side and back pins. It is lightweight, weighing only 20.6 kg (45 lbs), and is conveniently equipped with a handle for portability. The machine can be used in vehicles with a suitable power supply (not included).

Available in 110 and 220 volt versions.

Width: 245 mm (9 ⅝")
Height: 327 mm (12 ⅞")
Depth: 355 mm (14")
Motor: Single phase 245W
Voltage: 110v 60Hz; 100v 60Hz/50Hz (Japan); 220v 50Hz
Weight: 20.6kg (45 lbs)
Approval: CE Machinery Directive (89/392/EEC)

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