SMARTair™ Relay Card

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The SMARTair Relay Card is a wall reader with an electronic card that includes 8 relays.
The Relay Card can be a part of an Offline or Update-On-Card (UOC) system.

This device allows users to manage multiple relays to control systems like elevator floor access, gates and others.

Simple operation
System management through easy-to-use software including: Authorizations; Time schedules; Daylight savings time and holidays; Deletion and replacement of lost tags; Audit trails; Temporary blockage; 8 relays per controller; Possible to connect 5 controllers (up to 40 relays)

13.56 MHz, MIFARE® technology
Contactless cards
2-4 cm read/write distance
Temperature range: -10°C to 80°C
12/24V AC/DC power
8 Relays per card: NO, NC, C

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