CLIQ® Control Key (C-Key)

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The CLIQ® Control Key (C-Key) manages the electronic communication provided by the CLIQ® system.
It provides users secure access to the system software and the ability to transfer information between the software and cylinders.

Each CLIQ® system must have at least one C-Key, referred to as the Master C-Key (MCK). The MCK is used to transfer information from CLIQ® cylinders to the software and not to open them.
For systems with more than one administrator, it is possible to utilize additional C-Keys, also referred to as a Normal C-Key (NCK).

Update key authorization lists within cylinders
Transfers audit trail information from cylinder to software
Facilitates secured access to the software

Temperature range: -10°C - 80°C
Encrypted (3DES) communication between C-key and software
Encrypted (3DES) communication between C-key and cylinder
Powered by a CR2032 lithium battery, which is easily replaced
Battery lifetime: 2 years
Design: MCK - Black with red inserts; NCK - Black with red and yellow insert

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