MVP 52


MVP 52 is a concealed lock which secures the gearshift
from under the console, helping prevent vehicle theft
without disrupting the car's aesthetics. Fitting both
manual and automatic transmissions


Using a robust locking bolt and rigidly mounted to the
vehicle's chassis, MVP 52 prevents the movement of the
gear lever.


• Keyless locking - insert bolt to lock.
• Can be provided with an optional Internal micro-switch
for electronic security system integration.
• Key retaining version

Cylinder Mechanism

Mul-T-Lock's unique high precision pin tumbler system


Reversible nickel silver key with plastic key head and
colored insert for identification. Also available in all nickel

Cylinder Options

• 7x7, Classic, Integrator®, Interactive®+, MT5®, CLIQ®,
MT5® CLIQ® platforms
• Keyed different, keyed alike
• Master keyed