ENTR™ Touchpad Reader


Users can predefine up to 20 personal codes, program them into the touchpad andsecurely unlock the door. Hardened for outdoor use, the ENTR™ is also easy to install.


ENTR™ is ideal for both residential and office use. The ENTR™, Touchpad Reader allows users
to unlock doors by simply inputting their personal authorization code.


• Up to 20 different codes. First code is defined as the management or administrator code
• Easy to install - no drilling or wiring
• Battery operated - 2xAA
• Secure wireless communication between system elements via AES128 encryption standard
• LED indications:
--Lock / unlock successful
--Lock / unlock failed
--Low battery
--Door unit's hazard indication


Battery Type 2X AA Alkaline
Communication Frequency (between the 2.4 GHz door unit and credentials)
Dimensions 140 mm x 50 mm x 40 mm
Weight 150g
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
Protection Rating IP55