ENTR™ Remote control


Operates ENTR™ from a distance with a remote control. Up to 20 remote controls can be paired with each ENTR™ lock.


ENTR™ is ideal for both residential and office use. The ENTR™ Remote Control allows users to
unlock their door by simply pushing a button.


• Easy to pair a new remote to ENTR™ door unit
• Up to 20 different remotes per door
• Battery can last up to 10,000 presses
• Secure wireless communication between system elements via AES128 encryption standard
• Indications:
--Unpaired RC
--Signal successfully transmitted and received


Battery Type CR2032 Lithium
Communication Frequency (between the 2.4 GHz door unit and credentials)
Dimensions 60 mm x 30 mm x 8 mm
Weight 30g
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
Protection Rating IP55