ENTR™ Door Unit


Easy to install, maintain and use, ENTR™ can be retrofitted onto existing doors, giving customers an upgraded solution in no time and with minimal effort. With ENTR's App, users can activate their locks remotely from their smartphone, giving them control and management capabilities. Moreover, you'll be able to offer your customers a range of credentials to upgrade their ENTR™ solution and increase your sales opportunity.


ENTR™ is ideal for both residential and office use.With a range of credentials to upgrade your customer's ENTR™ solution, you'll be able to
increase your upselling opportunities.

Solution Highlights

• Transforms any door into a smart one with a simply and affordable retrofit
• Ideal for most door types and sizes:
--Internal cylinder dimension: minimum 35 mm up to 78 mm gaps of 5 mm
• Easy to install - no drilling or wiring
• Battery operated - not dependent on power or cables
• Automatic locking - shut the door and it will automatically lock
• Variety of credentials available - customers can select one or any combination of options
• Secure, wireless communication between system elements using AES128 encryption standard
• Provides users with mobile connectivity - meaning they can perform actions and monitor the ENTR™ from their smartphone or any other Bluetooth device
• Mechanical key override - backup solution
• LED indications:
--Low battery
--Fault during lock / unlock operation


Bluetooth Smart Technology (between the door unit and smartphone or other connected device
Bluetooth 4.0 Communication Frequency (between the door unit and credentials)- 2.4 GHz
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Battery Power 7.4V 2600mAh
Charging Input 12VDC @ 1A
Dimensions 150 mm x 55 mm x 54 mm
Weight 380g
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +50°C
Protection Rating IP44
Mobile App Support
iOS 7 and up; mini iPhone 4S
Android 4.3 and up; min Nexus4,
Samsung S3, Galaxy Note