SMARTair® Software & License


SMARTair Software (also called TS1000) enables users to manage the SMARTair system according to the license issued and the associated Authorization Key. 

The SMARTair Software license includes:

A USB memory device that contains: SMARTair Software installation file; Site data (the license); Technical manuals
Authorization key programmed with the system's code
The easy-to-use SMARTair Software manages all types of SMARTair products − escutcheons, wall readers, cabinet lock, knob cylinders and others − simultaneously.

Software requirements

PC with Pentium 4 processor or higher
1 GB of free RAM
1 GB or free disk space
32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft Windows Operating System supporting services (Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME are not supported)

Site data

The 'site data' is supplied with the software and includes the license for the system and a unique 8-figure alphanumeric system code
All information regarding the system (user list, door list, authorization matrix, time profiles, etc.) is kept in the site data file

Authorization Key

The Authorization Key enhances security for the SMARTair system
Each Authorization Key contains the system's unique corresponding
system code
In order for the Portable Programmer to function, the Authorization Key must be inserted. Without it, the Portable Programmer will not update the door or retrieve audit trails. It is possible to override the Portable Programmer by logging into the system's software

Types of licenses

For the different products (upgrades available): Offline; Update-On-Card (UOC); Genesis; Wireless
According to the number of doors in the system (upgrade available): Up to 10 doors; Up to 30 doors; Up to 75 doors; More then 75 doors
With Anti-Pass Back functionality (this feature is available with any license)