CLIQ® Web Manager Software


A web-based software program, CLIQ® Web Manager is used to manage the CLIQ® Remote system.
User-friendly and intuitive, system administrators use it to remotely manage the day-to-day functionality of the CLIQ® Remote system.

As a web-based solution, the CLIQ® Web Manager provides access to the system's database from any computer with an Internet connection and has been specifically designed to handle large, decentralized systems.

Secure login via a control key and PIN code
Advanced search options
Manages and creates: Access permissions; Audit trails - including activities from remote devices; Time-based authorization; Recurring validation; Reports
Supports remote programming device management
Enables system grouping into manageable domains
Allows remote key programming
Key and personnel management

Web browser: Internet Explorer 7 and up
Highly secured connection (SSL)
Available in multi-language versions
License options are available per system size