CLIQ® Quartz and QuartzXT Key


Used with the CLIQ® cylinder, the electromechanical CLIQ® Quartz Key collects access information for complete audit trails.
It can also be programmed to follow specific time schedules.

The CLIQ® Quartz Key is based on Mul-T-Lock's High Security mechanical platforms Interactive®+ and MT5®.
The key comes in two options depending on your selected system: Quartz Key - for use with the CLIQ® system; QuartzXT Key - for use with the CLIQ® Remote system.

Schedule: 32 week-based time intervals
Audit trail Quartz Key: 130 events 
Audit trail QuartzXT Key: 1000 events 
Color-coded LED indicators: Green - Authorized; Red - Unauthorized; Red-green-red - Out of schedule; Blinking red - Low battery

Temperature range: -10°C - 80°C
Encrypted (3DES) communication between C-key and software
Encrypted (3DES) communication between C-key and cylinder
Powered by a CR2032 3V lithium battery, which is easily replaced
Battery lifetime: 5 years or 20,000 operations
Design: Quartz - Blue with yellow inserts; QuartzXT - Black with purple inserts