System overview

SMARTair systems are contactless, keyless access control systems that are easy to install, manage and maintain. The system’s smart technology and lack of wiring makes it a discrete security solution that is highly reprogrammable in the event of lost key cards.  SMARTair adapts to most building types and can be integrated into most existing door systems. There is no need to replace locks and cylinders, or the entire door, making SMARTair incredibly cost effective. Door, wall and specialty devices connect to highly intuitive management software, so that facilities managers can organize, control and update access rights to varying levels of control from a PC, using a simple user interface. The system can be customized to give you the sophistication you need, at a price you can afford.



Mul-T-Lock offers a series of SMARTair systems  to address the varying needs of different facilities and their unique environments. Here’s what your establishment gets when you apply our SMARTair system to your doorways: 

  • High security protection - Mul-T-Lock adheres to the world’s most stringent high-security locking standards.
  • Fully scalable access control - Enable further system expansion and reprogramming as your needs evolve.
  • Keyless, contactless smart card technology - Avoid the hassle of lost keys.
  • Intuitive management software - Enables remote (re)programming and monitoring, enhancing security.
  • Multi-use credentials - Smart cards can be programmed for use for additional purposes.
  • Battery-powered wireless devices - No cabling needed.



Mul-T-Lock SMARTair systems are designed to address any access control need. Our wide range of SMARTair products integrate with the management for a better, more efficient and in-control approach to securing your facility.

  • Enhanced security - Thanks to increased access control and re-programmable keyless technology.
  • Customizable system - SMARTair can be applied to most doors and credentials can be personalized, segmenting access according to need.
  • Scalable - to any environment. SMARTair is designed to address the security needs of dynamic and growing environments.
  • Resource-conscious - Keyless access is more efficient, reducing requisite costs and eliminating costly key replacements.
  • Convenient access - Smart cards are programmed to provide each user with access only to the doors they are authorized to enter.
  • Easy to install - Access rights are stored in the door device and no wires are necessary, making it independent and robust, whilst minimising communication problems.
  • Easy to manage - Easy to add, delete and update user rights; easy to update locks.
  • Expert support - Mul-T-Lock provides customers with expert support, whenever it’s needed.