Sustainability is embedded in everything we do. Starting with the environment to employee behavior, social responsibility, financials and much more. We’re committed to creating a sustainable company that is stable and future-proof.

Code of Conduct

Mul-T-Lock believes in responsible social and ethical behavior and has a responsibility to the employees serving the company worldwide.  Mul-T-Lock ensures each and every employee is periodically trained and is aware of the Code of Conduct.

Mul-T-Lock’s Commitment to Sustainability 

Mul-T-Lock is committed to limiting and preventing damage to our environment. We strive to continually improve our environmental performance, throughout all of our plants, worldwide. And minimize not only our environmental impact, but also those to safety and health resulting from use of our products within society

Mul-T-Lock recognizes that the world’s natural resources are the property of the public, the local and global community and future generations. 

Mul-T-Lock is committed to the principles of sustainable development, developing solutions that stand the test of time, without compromising future generations and their needs. Our approach is to balance economic development with environmental protection, by providing green, eco-friendly solutions via development and manufacturing processes that meet the standards and are approved by the Ministry of Environment and Standards Institution of Israel.

Mul-T-Lock is committed to identifying, understanding and measuring and environmental impacts as a basis for decision-making. This includes our office environment where we look to  conserve resources such as electricity, gas, water, paper and more.

Mul-T-Lock takes a proactive approach both in initiative and action.  We are committed to cooperating with the relevant authorities engaged in environmental protection, occupational safety and health.

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