Vehicle Protection Solutions

Whether you need to secure a private vehicle or an entire commercial fleet, Mul-T-Lock can provide a custom solution that addresses your needs with:

  • CarDfence – is an anti-carjacking and immobilizing system that prevents the engine from starting or shuts the engine down whenever the system’s wireless card is out of range.

  • ArmaDlock is a hasp locking system that externally locks the rear and/or side doors of a commercial vehicle’s cargo compartment, helping to prevent unauthorized entry. The solution fits all types of vehicles and doors.

  • 3-Way Lock Protection — is a multi-point locking solution that protects a commercial vehicle’s cargo compartment. The solution is applied to rear and side doors.

  • WatchLock® is an intelligent alarm locking solution combining a High Security mechanical padlock with an advanced GPS-location system and GSM communication. WatchLock adds an extra layer of protection for cargo traveling on commercial vehicles,, as it lets you know if an attempt has been made to access the cargo and where it is at all times.
    To learn more about WatchLock go to WatchLock Microsite.

  • Gearshift Locks — extend security beyond your vehicle’s exterior with another layer of protection that prevents a thief from operating the vehicle. Available in a variety of formats —visible, hidden, electromechanical and more — select the Mul-T-Lock gearshift lock that best suits your needs.