Utility Companies

Mul-T-Lock’s dynamic High Security lock system provides the utility industry with scalable solutions that reach all locations via:

  • CLIQ® is a High Security electromechanical locking solution that gives you real control over all your access points. It allows you to communicate with your entire locking system through micro-technology that is embedded into cylinders, padlocks and keys. The CLIQ technology can be applied to a wide range of formats, providing the flexibility to create a comprehensive solution.
    To learn more about CLIQ go to Mul-T-Lock CLIQ Microsite.

  • WatchLock® is an intelligent alarm locking solution combining a High Security mechanical padlock with an advanced GPS-location system and GSM communication. WatchLock automatically notifies you when your assets are accessed, as well as your assets’ location.
    To learn more about WatchLock go to WatchLock Microsite.

  • Master Keying System — Mul-T-Lock Master Key Systems are designed to be customized and can address the needs of the most complex environments while maintaining the highest levels of security.

  • Lock, Padlock & Cylinder Formats our wide product range and unique applications enable you to have High Security protection anywhere you need it with patented key control mechanical and electromechanical platforms.

  • Range of Patented, Market Leading, High Security Platforms CLIQ®, MT5®+ and Interactive®+.

  • Keying Possibilities — depending on your needs, Mul-T-Lock has a variety of possibilities that include: Keyed Different, each cylinder has its own combination and is opened by its unique key, or Keyed Alike, a one-key-fits-all solution.