Going Digital in 2019

The invention and further development of the internet have created a reality within which over 4 billion people* turn to online forums, shops, and databases to obtain information and products each day. For businesses, that means shifting away from traditional print and other marketing methods and establishing a digital presence.

*Source: We Are Social


The benefits of an online presence



Having a strong digital presence ensures that the marketing materials you create for your locksmithing business are seen by members of your target audience WHERE THEY ALREADY ARE, making it a highly effective method for locating and engaging with potential new customers.

Expanded Reach

The internet enters billions of homes, is accessed by millions of smartphones and spans a much larger area and potential lead base than you could otherwise tap into from the comfort of your local business. Creating an online presence opens your locksmithing business to a much wider customer base by enabling anyone, anywhere to reach out and cross the threshold of your virtual door.


The content you create, coupled with the reviews and testimonials you receive on your e-store enable you to project a professional image that promotes trust in your brand. And with trust comes perceived lifetime value (LTV) and retention - both critical to your business’ continued profitability and success.

More Efficient Selling & Marketing

Having an online presence enables you to push relevant and engaging content, without coming across as being overly pushy or “salesperson-y.” It’s also a great way to enable your customers to proceed through the sales funnel, from viewing your ads to clicking through to your website and making a purchase, without pause or hesitation.

The Top 5 Ways to Generate Traffic

These days, it’s not enough to create a well-designed website for your locksmithing business. You have to actively attract visitors to your site via marketing and optimization tactics. The top five ways to do so are via:

Content marketing; blogs, videos, infographics, case studies, e-books, whitepapers, etc.

Tips for creating a great online presence for your locksmithing business


  1. Strategize to determine your goals and processes - Ask yourself how each of your online efforts seeks to achieve set goals and appeal to your target audience.
  2. Promote your competitive advantage - While you may not be better than the competition with respect to all aspects of your business, you must have at least one competitive advantage. Be sure to highlight it in your digital content.
  3. Be active on multiple social channels - Open accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube and other essential channels. But don’t just open the accounts to check off a box on your to-do list: post regularly to remain relevant and reply to comments to nurture relationships. Being active on all your social channels is key.
  4. Go local - Even if you want to expand your reach to new regions, give your local customers better, more personalized attention by creating “near me” searches and catering to their needs with geo-targeted ads.
  5. Never spam - Don’t bombard your subscribers’ inboxes with click-bait and other annoying email content. Create a content calendar and deploy marketing emails and newsletters sparingly, when you have content of particular value to share.

Always analyze and optimize - Keep your online presence present in your customers’ eyes. Determine which tactics work and promote them accordingly, while optimizing those garnering less than favorable results. 

To sum

In 2019, having a digital presence is essential for locksmithing businesses across the globe. Know your audience and meet them in their preferred arena with exciting, value-added content to promote your products, convert leads and boost revenues in the New Year.

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