Unique Mechanical Features

Mul-T-Lock’s world-renowned and award-winning keying and locking solutions are as diverse as the needs they address and come complete with unique mechanical features that enable a high-security, fully-controlled, access control solution. As our cylinders are the first to achieve a three-star Kitemark accreditation without the need for a high-security handle, Mul-T-Lock is proud to continue its legacy of meeting and exceeding compliance with the industry’s latest rigorous tests.

BS – Break Secure Cylinder

Deter burglars with an enhanced and visible, snap-resistant cylinder, designed to prevent the cylinder from being damaged by burglars attempt. An inner slot enables the key owners to keep operate the cylinder, even if an attempt was made to break it, enhancing security while remaining highly effective and convenient. 

Unique Mechanical Features

Interlocking cam

An extra protection against extraction pulling attempt

Reinforcement Bar

Enhanced resistance to extraction attack (pull attack protection)

Emergency function

Operated with keys inserted and rotated on opposite sides, enabling both sides to be permanently operational

Free Wheel Function

The Free wheel functionality enable free rotation of the cam when key is not inserted.

This function used mostly while the cylinder lock is part of motorized mechanism.

Clutch relies

Set the thumb turn to open-only function

Anti ligature

Innovative thumb turn with emergency override mechanism, specially designed to address the risk of self-harm within psychiatric and probationary facilities