Tips: Choose the right lock for your Home

At Mul-T-Lock, we know that protecting your family and property is on the top of your priority list. But the sheer volume of cylinders and locking systems can be mind-boggling, overwhelming even. That’s why helping you choose the best home security system to suit your family’s needs is one of the most important things we can do. Here’s a simple guide to help you unlock the mystery of home security and make a more educated locking decision.

The locking options are endless

The perfect home locking solution must be convenient and reliable. It must also address every access point in your home to eliminate any points of vulnerability. Mul-T-Lock provides high security mechanical and digital locking solutions to give you real peace-of-mind for the people, property and assets that matter most. Let’s examine these solutions a little closer.

Mechanical locks

Mechanical locks secure a door by keeping it closed until a release mechanism, like a key, activates the deadbolt or multipoint locking system that was holding the door in place. Deadbolts are unlocked when a key or knob is placed inside the locking mechanism and is turned to move the bolt out of the way and release the door. Multipoint systems, like Mortise or RIM systems, are secured by several locking points that are all controlled simultaneously with one key. These systems are extremely strong and secure. As such, they are optimal selections for highly susceptible break-in points, like sliding doors.

Digital Locks

A more modern locking solution is the digital or biometric lock. These technologically-advanced systems allow you to control access to your home remotely and without keys. They are highly customizable and programmable and can integrate with door viewing cameras and other technologies for enhanced home protection. If , you’re looking to provide easy access to authorized friends or relatives, this is the smart, scalable solution for you. 

The locking function you need served is key

No single lock is the perfect solution for every door. Depending on which entryway you wish to secure - the front of your home, your bedroom, bathrooms, boiler room, home office, etc., you will require a different kind of locking solution with different functions, features and benefits. Interior doors may require much lower levels of security that a front door, but if, for example, you are a psychiatrist working out of your house, you may need a high-level locking system to keep your home office, patient files and sample medications safe and secure. For other rooms, simpler mechanisms that are easy to manipulate in case someone accidentally locks themselves in, are recommended.

As is the door material

When selecting a locking system, you should also keep in mind which materials your doors are made of. It would be wise to pair doors with locks that can be installed in given doors and maintained with ease. Metal, decorative and vintage doors are much harder to work with as they can be hard to drill into without making a mess or investing copious amounts of time. That’s why you should do a little extra research before ordering locks to fit those kinds of doors.

Make sure the locks meet safety standards

So, you’ve assessed which doors need new locking systems and have figured out which locks are best suited to each doorway, great! But before placing your next locking system order, you need to make sure that the locks you want to buy meet up-to-date safety standards. Look for deadbolts with a Grade 1 rating that meets UL 438, EN 12209, or A2P France standards. Grade 1 offers the highest level of security, exactly what your home deserves. Smart locks should be patented, possess convenient and advantageous features and receive positive testimonials from satisfied customers. Preparing and marking off this checklist can help you distinguish a leading industry product from a locking dud.

Finally, you’ll want to ensure you’re in control over your keys’ copies

Key copy control is extremely important – you don’t want just anybody to be able to get their hands on a copy of your key without you knowing. Key copy control technology is meant to ensure that your keys cannot be duplicated without your knowledge – even those keys given over in good faith to your housekeeper or your favorite babysitter. cannot duplicate your keys, without your knowledge. Otherwise, why bother going to all that trouble of selecting the most secure locking system in the first place?

Luckily, Mul-T-Lock’s key copy control technology utilizes advanced tools and technologies to ensure the highest levels of key copy control. Anyone seeking to copy a Mul-T-Lock key must use the services of a locksmith in possession of a Mul-T-Lock key copying machine. The individual must then present the locksmith with the correct duplication card and key, without which making copying your keys is impossible.

Smart door locks (like Mul-T-Lock’s product lineup), keys and key copying technologies check off every box on my locking solutions checklist. They adhere to high standards and create high-security solution, making them ideal for just about any door.

Ready to buy? Contact a local locksmith who can further help you choose the best locks for your home.