4 Easy Ways ENTR™ Opens the Door to Smarter Living

We’ve all been there. You ran out of the house because you were late for a meeting, spilled the coffee on your briefing notes, and, oh yes, forgot your house key on the kitchen counter in your mad sprint to beat the traffic. By the time you get home from that long, frustrating day, the only thing on your mind is a warm bubble bath, but your front door lock stands as a foreboding barrier between you and that bubbly plunge you’re longing for.

Technology is on your side, and there are now more convenient options for homeowners everywhere. ENTR is a digital door lock that offers you an easier, more secure, and more comfortable method of entering and leaving your home.

Here are four ways ENTR can open the door to better security, convenience, and control.

Mobile App
Probably the most innovative and convenient option is the ENTR smartphone app. You can control your digital door lock from any smartphone, tablet, or mobile device with the ENTR app, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do with the tap of a finger. One of the most intuitive app features is the virtual key option: Program your electronic door lock with up to twenty different virtual keys that can easily be changed or deleted directly from the app.

PIN Code
Another way to utilize the ENTR door lock system is via a personal PIN code. If you’re a numbers person, then a touchpad reader will give you the control you desire, while allowing you to have instant access to your home. Up to twenty codes can be programmed into the reader, so different members of the household can choose a sequence that is easy for them to remember and can be easily revoked in case of leakage. Best of all, a PIN code can’t get lost or forgotten at home.

Fingerprint Reader
Biometric technology is becoming much more affordable, and it certainly holds a spot in the future of door locks. ENTR’s fingerprint reader allows the homeowner to enroll up to twenty user fingerprints into the wall reader and program scheduled access authorizations for hired help and trusted neighbors. Plus, you’ll never forget or lose your fingerprint!

Remote Control
If you’re already inside, you can let other people in without getting off the couch or unlock a door remotely if pets are roaming where they shouldn’t be, with just the click of a button. Remote control prove particularly helpful for disabled people who may have limited hand movements – clicking a button is simpler than turning a key.
If your family’s security and your own peace of mind are important to you, then let ENTR give you the relief and safety you deserve. Don’t take our word for it either. See what some ENTR homeowners have to say about their dive into electronic door locks. Then spread the word about ENTR, and keep your friends and family safer today.