Advanced Locking System for Your Valuable Assets

Ensure your home, assets, and family are safe and secure, with MTL™400.

The MTL™400 locking system combines Mul-T-Lock’s world-renowned experience and expertise with unique patented technology, to deliver exceptional value that will help you sleep better at night.

Smart Design for Persistent Protection

MTL™400 integrates long-lasting, advanced technologies to deter and protect. This locking solution is smartly designed to meet your home and family’s evolving security needs.

Reduce Unauthorized Key Duplications

MTL™400 is ideal for keeping your loved ones safe and secure. Additional keys can be duplicated upon the presentation of its unique magnetic card to authorized Mul-T-Lock locksmiths, adding another layer of control and protection to your already secure locking solution.

Flexible and convenient

MTL™400 is a high security platform that meets every home locking needs. From re-keying to access control, we ensure your entries are conveniently secured

It integrates with a wide range of locking products and can come with several keying application:

Keyed Different: Access each door with a different key

Keyed Alike: Access multiple doors with a single key

Changeable cylinder code application: allows instant re-keying of the lock by simply turning a key up to two times.

Master key system: Create a smart and secure locking system that uses a single key to open all your doors. MTL400 master keying capabilities enable you to reduce the number of keys in circulation while empowering you to grant access to certain rooms to authorized persons only.