Break Secure® XP Cylinder

Integrator Break Secure® XP is a retrofit anti-snap cylinder, offering consumers complete peace of mind against all forms of cylinder attack, With patent protected technology and a patented key it is ideal for any PVCu or composite front, porch, conservatory or rear door.

Ask yourself... Does your lock comply with the latest insurance standard? Do you know who has a key to your house or how many keys have already been cut for your front door? Stay safe and be secure, fit Integrator Break Secure® XP today.



1. Break Secure® - the front section of the cylinder is designed to snap off when forced, leaving the cylinder in place and the door secure

2. Interlocking cam - the cams are design to interlock, providing a greater degree of strength

3. Bump resistant - many cylinders can be easily 'bumped' - inserting and tapping an illegal key to release the cam and open the door. Break Secure® XP is proven to resist this

4. Anti-drill - Break Secure® XP is engineered using high strength materials and robust construction to withstand prolonged drilling

5. Grip resistant - Break Secure® XP's grip resistant device prevents an intruder wrenching the lock with grips

6. Crumple zone - The cylinder will collapse to a predefined pattern when under attack, leaving the core mechanism intact

Peace of mind for you and your family

XP has been tested to BS EN 1303:2015 and TS007 3* and is also endorsed by Secure by Design, the police preferred specification.

10 year guarantee - ultimate defence

We are so confident that XP will offer maximum protection to your home that we offer a full ten-year guarantee. Click here for full T&Cs.

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Be safe in your own home... Find out more on why you'll love XP and why burglars hate it!

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