Mul-T-Lock develops and designs keying systems to meet the evolving needs of people's homes and families while prioritizing high-security and technological innovation, for secure and reliable locking solutions.

Why choose Mul-T-Lock's keys?

All of our platforms meet international standards and offer enhanced resistance to picking, drilling, bumping, and other forms of lock manipulation, so your home remains more secure.

Always seeking to make our customers feel safer, we present antibacterial keys for all of our various cylinders, locks, and padlocks.

Antibacterial properties help reduce the growth of unwanted bacteria on the key surface, making it more hygienic to use.


What makes the keys antibacterial?

Our new antibacterial plastic heads include an agent that reduces bacterial counts on the key surface.

Both our antibacterial plastic key heads as well as our metal keys have been tested according to the ISO 22196 standard to show a lower bacterial contamination compared to other keys. 


How to recognize Mul-T-Lock's AntiBacterial keys?

Our new antibacterial plastic key heads were designed to be dark green, to differentiate them from other keys. If you prefer metal keys, simply look for the "AntiBacterial" logo on your desired key.


Mul-T-Lock for business

Mul-T-Lock offers a wide range of solutions to address the varying needs of different business sectors and their unique environments. Our Master Key Systems (MKS) can be applied to any of our high security locking solutions and now available with antibacterial keys.


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