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Truly innovative, the award-winning WatchLock® combines GPS and Mobile communication technology with Mul-T-Lock's High Security locking to create a padlock that protects and communicates with you - no matter where you or your assets are.

About Watchlock®

Imagine a High Security padlock that could communicate. It would send you an alarm if someone opened it and inform you where it is. WatchLock combines a High Security mechanical lock with advanced technological GPS location system and Mobile communication. The system uses GSM-based communication technologies to provide real-time* information about predefined events and location (RTLS – Real-Time Location System) through a web-based application, email or text message.

Applications and Verticals

If you need a heavy-duty padlock to secure a cargo container, fenced perimeter, heavy equipment, motorcycle, or prevent access to a remote cellular tower, why not get one that gives you more than protection? WatchLock gives you peace-of-mind with the information you need, alerting you to things such as when and where its been accessed or moved.

Web and Smartphone Applications  

Conveniently control your WatchLock from anywhere with its web and smartphone app. 
Using your choice of connect device – smartphone, iPad, computer or tablet – you’ll be able to get real-time information about the assets your WatchLock is protecting. 
Moreover, you’ll be able to manage and change settings and alerts whenever necessary and from anywhere in the world. 

WatchLock’s Web and Smartphone Apps gives you:

  • Real-time information — enabling you to decide when your attention is needed
  • Global accessibility — from anywhere at anytime, you’ll be able to access your WatchLock’s status and manage its settings
  • Complete flexibility — your choice of device, all you need is an Internet connection 
  • Automatic alerts — pre-define the alerts and reports you want and stay informed seamlessly
  • Convenience — no log-in needed, notifications are pushed to based on your predefine needs