You take care of your residents,

SMARTair™ takes care of your business

It’s 4:00 in the morning. One of your residents goes out of his room. Immediately, one staff member gets an alert and walks over to check if everything is in order. A temporary worker tries to access the pharmacy, but he doesn’t have the necessary authorisation, so access is denied. As a care home manager you are facing important challenges and, at the same time, you must make residents feel at home.


A modern care home starts with a friendly access management

SMARTair™ is an advanced access control system which allows you to control all your access points in real time, to grant or deny access, to deactivate lost or stolen credentials, and to effectively organise workflows.


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Care homes throughout the world are already benefiting from the cost, security and ease-of-use of SMARTair™ wireless access: watch the video and discover one of our most successful case studies.