SMARTair™ is the perfect solution for your building!

Thanks to the system’s smart technology and lack of wiring, the system fits easily on to every type of building. SMARTair™ will meet all kind of requirements and create a user friendly environment.


Government Offices in Pretoria
South Africa


Theft increasingly became an issue for a government office in Pretoria, South Africa. Government workers complained about personal and office items being stolen, mostly likely whenever the workers left their offices unattended. While the department in question asked not to be specifically named, they decided it was time to find an access control solution to curb the ongoing problem. 

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HQ Bar & Restaurant- The Mereside hotel
Douglas, Isle of Man (UK)


HQ Bar & Restaurant own and operate three boutique hotels in Douglas, on the Isle of Man in the UK. Recently, they sought to upgrade their mechanical locking system. In addition, they wanted to address their need for better key management – an issue for many hotels when guests don’t return or lose room keys. Initially, HQ was only looking to install a new system at one of their hotels, The Mereside. 
“When guests leave and forget to return keys, alongside the obvious security issues onsite, it becomes difficult to run the hotel efficiently.” Angela McCluskey, Owner HQ Bar & Restaurants.

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Retirement Home Achuzat Beit Ra’nana (Israel)


Achuzat Beit Ra’nana is located in Israel’s central city of Ra’nana. Without infrastructure surrounding the main entrance for a wired solution, the building engineer’s sought a solution that could be easily installed; addresses the residents' needs for convenient, keyless High Security access control; and suits the building’s aesthetic design.

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