Elektra Split Secures Control of its Facilities with MKS

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Mul-T-Lock’s high-security Interactive+ Master Key System is providing optimal security and control of the Croatian electrical distributor’s facilities, ensuring its customers receive power, without pause.

With 11 electricity supply centers powering Croatia’s homes and businesses, Elektra Split was in need of a high-security and convenient access control system to secure its many entryways.

The sheer size, geographical layout and number of employees at Elektra split demanded that a logical locking system designed by a professional locks supplier be installed, one that could flexibly scale on demand and integrate various locking products. Elektra Split decided that Mul-T-Lock’s Master Key System met its most urgent needs, ordering double cylinders to secure office doors, half cylinders and cam locks to lock important switchboards and padlocks to secure exterior gates. Coupled with the Interactive+ platform, these cylinders, locks, padlocks and keys provide superior key control and surpass previous standards at over 8,000 locking points throughout Elektra Split’s facilities.

Using advanced technology, Interactive+ combines an enhanced variation of the telescopic pin mechanism with a special patented floating element and a reliable, double-locking mechanism. Interactive+ offer enhanced resistance to picking, drilling, bumping and other forms of lock manipulation.

The large-scale project was implemented earlier in 2018, together with Mul-T-Lock distributor in Croatia, Polimac I Leskovar, who continues to provide professional locksmithing services and maintenance post-installation, ensuring each Elektra Split employee can access authorized doors at any time, with just one key.

The Master Key System not only reduced the number keys in circulation, helping with cost savings and efficiencies, but it also continuously ensures that authorized personnel can access any area and perform his or her duties, without delay.

Master Key Systems by Mul-T-Lock are fully customizable and can scale up as a building’s use changes or grows. As Elektra Split found, the range of products able to be master keyed is wide, and they easily integrate with leading Mul-T-Lock technologies, including MASTERpiece software – an innovative planning tool to help overcome complex locking challenges.

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