Nakumatt, East Africa’s Leading Retailer Gets an Access Control Solution

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The Challenge

Nakumatt is East Africa’s leading retailer with approximately 50 stores in the African Great Lakes countries of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. The chain provides its customers with a wide range of international and local products. Nakumatt is focused on providing the market with affordable, high-value goods. With Nakumatt’s expanding branch and distribution network, managing the security for both stores and inventory has become increasingly complex. Lost keys not only have become an inconvenience, they have also posed a security risk, not to mention the cost and time necessary to replace them. In addition, management had no insight into who was accessing what and when.

The Solution

To address the retail chain’s challenges, Mul-T-Lock proposed implementing a master key system. Using the electromechamical CLIQ platform applied to C-series padlocks and Euro cylinders, and other mechanical locking products, Mul-T-Lock created a complex yet easy-to-use, master key system. CLIQ’s ability to manage access through scheduling and authorizations means that every employee only needs one key to perform all of their work. Moreover, with the audit trails CLIQ provides transparency, management can see who went where and when, in the event this information is needed. This also promotes accountability and deters the threat of internal theft.

Lost or stolen keys no longer pose a significant risk.  In addition, management of keys becomes a simplified process for all and enables cost and resource saving.

The Results

After an initial pilot at Nakumatt’s headquarters, they decided to roll out the system to their entire network, consolidating all of their locking points under one system.

Nakumatt now has an access control system that offers both the physical security from Mul-t-lock that they have relied on for a number of years now, as well as the remote control and management features provided by CLIQ. The ability to manage a large number of locking points offers both convenience and the needed control to ensure the security of both inventory and their expansive network of stores.

“The Mul-T-Lock solution is reliable and gives a new levels of security and control. Everything can be efficiently managed with low maintenance from one centralized location, even when a key is lost or stolen at a remote site, we are able to neutralize and replace it almost immediately.”

Michael Ndungu, Head of Security, Nakumatt.