WatchLock® Boosts Kohl’s Inventory Storage Security

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With 1,158 Kohl’s stores spread across the United States, the giant retail chain is constantly
transporting inventory to all of its outlets. In the fast-paced retail environment, where inventory turnover is constant in particular during holiday and high seasons, the transported goods need to be temporarily stored in containers until it is off-loaded directly into the store. During this time, the inventory must be secured. Up until now, Kohl’s secured the inventory containers by renting an alarm system at a total cost of $750 per container, per stop. Not a cost-effective solution in the least.

When a Kohl’s representative saw a demonstration of WatchLock at the ASIS Conference 2013 in Chicago, they were immediately interested. WatchLock is a GPS and GSM enabled High Security padlock. What this means is that it has the ability to constantly track and monitor the container it is securing and notify management where it is and if any unauthorized attempts have been made to access it.

“As a battery-operated device, WatchLock couldn’t be easier to use and requires no real set-up or installation,” said Roy Zadikov, WatchLock Product Manager, Mul-T-Lock. “As simple as using a standard padlock, users can define a number of parameters that they can receive alerts about.” For example, if the lock is opened; moved in or out of a specific location or its battery needs replacement; WatchLock will automatically send an alert about the situation via its GSM or cellular communication capability.

Kohl’s has currently launched a pilot program with WatchLock and is expected to help secure approximately 350 trailer trucks in the near future. Beyond the savings of time and effort in using a rented alarm system, the cost benefit is substantial. Unlike the rented solution, WatchLock is owned by the user and can be used and repurposed continuously.

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