ALMADELA Selects WatchLock® to Secure its Cargo

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ALMADELA, a freight forwarding company based in Dominican Republic with storage facilities in the US, has selected WatchLock as its preferred solution to secure high-value cargo.

Using WatchLock at their warehouses in Miami, FL, ALMADELA will also be using the solution to monitor the transportation of multi-country containers to the Dominican Republic.

WatchLock provides efficient and cost-effective remote supervision and control, together with continual security coverage. Integrated with a web-based application, the solution sends real-time alerts via email or text message with information such as location, access or attempted access, so the company can stay informed about their cargo 24/7.

“The first WatchLock units are already in the field helping to reduce the risk of tampering and unauthorized access attempts to transported goods, commented Roy Zadikov, WatchLock Product Manager, Mul-T-Lock. “In addition to helping ensure smooth and secure transport, WatchLock provides valuable information during custom inspections, with its ability to track and record all entries to the cargo”.

WatchLock is helping ALMADELA transport their cargo safely, efficiently and with much more transparency.

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