SMARTair® Reference Lions Health Centre

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From historic building to a modern medical centre, with SMARTair® access control

The Challenge

The Lion Health Centre provides general medical services for 26,000 patients across the Stourbridge area, in England’s West Midlands. Facilities include 30 consulting rooms, an enhanced nursing suite, minor operations theatre, physio gym and rehabilitation area, a small lecture theatre and an onsite pharmacy.

The multi-million pound development required the conversion of a historic foundry run by English Heritage, plus the addition of a new wing with a more contemporary design.

Key requirements

  • A system suited to securing sensitive and private areas of a busy general health facility, and to monitoring and controlling footfall around the centre
  • Attractive components to work unobtrusively in both the original historic building and its new, modern extension
  • A system that could be fitted quickly, and without causing major upheaval to the centre’s day-to-day operation
  • Real-time access control over the whole medical facility


Architects selected the wireless SMARTair™ access control system. Now staff, contractors and authorized visitors open doors at Lion Health using RFID smartcards.

Because SMARTair™ devices are wireless and battery- powered, there was no complicated, expensive and intrusive electrical cabling. SMARTair™ is ideal for retrofitting an existing building; installers simply replace the mechanical lock with a SMARTair™ device and link the SMARTair™ software to bring a regular  door into the access control system. Installation causes no structural disruption to the building.

For day-to-day system administration, the SMARTair™ Web Manager is a user-friendly tool that works inside any standard internet browser. “There was no need to install complicated software,” says Graham Sunderland, “making for an efficient installation process, and allowing the project to progress quickly.”

The  secure SMARTair™ Web Manager makes access management even easier. Adding, amending or deleting a user is easy: a simple click cancels the smartcard’s access rights. As a result, security is not compromised if someone at Lion Health loses their credential – and the surgery saves the time and money usually wasted on changing mechanical locks.


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