Mul-T-Lock® Helps Bushey Meade Master Their Key Management

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The Challenge

The Bushey Meads School is a specialist technology college in Hertfordshire, UK. Up until recently, the campus utilized a range of many small master key systems, which resulted in wasted time and resource. In addition, replacing keys and locks was a complex supply chain challenge. The school knew there was a much better and more efficient way to handle their locking needs and turned to SE Connor locksmiths to for the solution.

The Solution

SE Connor introduced the concept of an all-encompassing master key suite, based on Mul-T-Lock’s Garrison locking system to Bushey Meads management. The solution would provide high quality protection and reduce the number of keys required to negotiate the entire environment to one. Mul-T-Lock’s Garrison cylinder series contains a precision engineered pin tumbler mechanism, which incorporates seven separate chambers for better quality protection, as opposed to the traditional five, at the same cost.

Richard Chambers, Site Manager for Bushey Meads School explained why the solution works well for the campus, “Security is our number one priority, and the bespoke system provides the functionality we need to look after the school buildings and those who attend. Now, only certain members of personnel have access to the master key, and we are able to control access as and when needed, without having to worry about correct keys being handed out or, a large and expensive bunch of keys ending up in the wrong hands. This all adds to increased efficiencies and more importantly peace of mind for the school.” 

The Result

Mul-T-Lock UK and SE Connor locksmiths have been able to create a high quality, back to basics security solution for Bushey Meads School that addresses its needs.  By installing a bespoke master key system for the Garrison cylinders, the school now enjoys significant efficiency savings and can provide peace of mind for all who attend.

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