CLIQ® Gives Back Control to an Australian High Education Campus

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With three different mechanical locking systems and a proximity card solution, the college felt they were losing control over their locking environment. Their goal was to find a solution that fulfilled their needs and gave them the complete control they sought.

Once learning about how the CLIQ® solution could solve their challenges and so much more, college management decided to deploy 120 CLIQ cylinders, 10 CLIQ padlocks, 510 CLIQ keys, 30 mechanical padlocks and 520 mechanical cylinders, which are all managed by the CLIQ Web Manager.

CLIQ is a High Security electromechanical locking solution that provides secured management and enhanced control over all access points. It allows users to communicate with their entire locking system through micro-technology that is embedded into cylinders, padlocks and keys. With CLIQ’s ability to be incorporated into Mul-T-Lock’s High Security patented mechanical platforms such as MT5®+ and Interactive®+, users have the flexibility to add new functionality to existing systems.

“As a wire-free system, CLIQ is easily deployed without the need for any special preparation, so disruption was minimal – an important feature for the campus environment,” commented Netta Ben Shlomo, CLIQ Product Manager, Mul-T-Lock. “Another important feature was the reporting and audit features, that allows administration to know who went where and when.”

By using the CLIQ Web Manager, upgrading the system to include a Remote Programming
Device will be very easy, something the college is interested in doing as they expand and scale the system. While not all doors are covered by CLIQ the majority are, including all those that have been prioritized as being critical.

The customer now has full control over their locking system. The system administrator knows who has keys; can authorize usage and even schedule it for certain times; and can retrieve an audit trail of activity for the entire CLIQ system including who used which key and when.

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