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campuses are challenging to secure because of their vastness and condensed, ever-changing population. Mul-T-Lock addresses the ongoing changes to access rights for the student body, staff and personnel with a dynamic High Security locking solutions.

Mul-T-Lock addresses the dynamic security needs of educational facilities, enabling superior, flexible access control on vast and highly-populated campuses with its dynamic high-security locking solutions:


CLIQ® – gives you real control and secured management over all your access points. It allows you to communicate with your entire locking system through micro-technology that is embedded into cylinders, padlocks and keys. Its simple design and intuitive interface allows you to flexibly enable and disable authorizations as needed, even scheduling authorizations for specific time periods. And through its reporting and audit features, you’ll always know authorized persons whereabouts.

SMARTair® - the ideal keyless access control solution for educational establishments looking to increase access control in an ever-changing environment. Users can be given key cards programmed to grant them access to all or selected areas within the facility. The system is tailored to meet each building’s needs and can be reprogrammed using the latest in access control management software as those needs evolve, without having to replace any physical locking systems.

Konnectlock™ - is an intelligent alarm locking solution combining a high-security mechanical padlock with advanced GPS-location and GSM communication systems. Konnectlock automatically notifies you when your assets are accessed, as well as their real-time location.

Code-Handles - Using patented technology, Code handles helps secure your inwardly opening windows and doors and protect your valuable assets, throughout the day. Code-It® is an innovative electronic security handle that allows you to easily and securely unlock your doors and windows by inputting a personal code, for highly convenient and secure keyless access control. Ideal for offices, laboratories and staff rooms.

FleX Control Cylinder — Combines convenience with simplicity to give you the ability to control entrance access with an easy-to-use, mechanical solution and four, color-coded keys. Ideal for use with domestic staff, temporary workers and even full-time employees, who you do not want entering specific areas, at all times. 

Master Keying System — Master key systems (MKS) are smart, scalable and super-efficient keying solutions in which selected keys are configured to open a number of predefined doors, using different types of cylinder mechanisms and hierarchical level planning. Users can be given a single mastered key to unlock all or selected doors, dramatically reducing the number of keys in circulation and enabling more dynamic access control.

Lock, Padlock & Cylinder Formats – Our wide range of products and unique applications enable high-security protection, wherever and whenever you need it. Patented mechanical and electromechanical key control platforms at their best, including — CLIQ®, MT5®+ and Interactive®+. 

Keying Possibilities — Dedicated to satisfying customers’ needs, Mul-T-Lock offers many convenient and customizable keying options. These options range from traditional to innovative and are designed to offer ease-of-use and full control over educational locking systems, including: Keyed Different, Keyed Alike and Master Keyed.