Tidhar Real Estate Group Secures Their Assets With WatchLock®

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Tidhar is a dynamic and innovative real estate group.Its visionary capabilities and dedication to excellence has transformed it into a leading player in the real estate sector in Israel and a promising global player. With numerous large-scale construction projects constantly under way, Tidhar sought a method to secure their very valuable equipment while onsite, which is often in open and remote locations.

Tidhar approached the local Mul-T-Lock office in Israel with their challenge and were immediately shown the WatchLock solution. It didn’t take long for Tidhar management to select the platform due to its capabilities that ideally address Tidhar’s needs. “WatchLock immediately notifies security if any of the protected assets are moved, said Roy Zadikov, WatchLock Product Manager, Mul-T-Lock. “Moreover, if an attempt has been made to access WatchLock, a notification is also sent to Tidhar’s security personnel letting them be the first to know if and when something happens.”

As a company committed to innovation, Tidhar recognizes and values that in their suppliers. As a result of the successful deployment of WatchLock, Tidhar is now looking at other innovative Mul-T-Lock solutions. Once again, WatchLock has proven to be an excellent door opener to establish a farther-reaching partnership.

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