eCLIQ Management Software

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The eCLIQ system offers two management software tools for programming and management of access rights and schedules for keys, doors and users.

CLIQ® Manager Software

(Local installation on a PC)

- One / or several eCLIQ locking systems 

- User-friendly MS Outlook-based menu structure

- Clear list of users, keys and cylinders- Locking authorization setup and changes

- Function shown in matrix lock chart 

- Import functions for users and locking system data for key and cylinder audit trail 

- Supports working with several programmer keys 

- Hardware/Software requirements: MS Windows compatible PC, Pentium IV-1, 5 GHz, 50MB free hard disk memory, 512 MB RAM/ MS Windows XP/ VISTA/ Windows 7

CLIQ® Web Manager Software

(Web based application)

- Internet application for multiple administrators, used on the client through a standard web browser accessed by the client 

- Ideal for managing very large locking systems as well as locking systems spread out over multiple locations

- Enhanced search functions, intelligent assignment and filter functions

- Improved design and “step-by-step” user guidance (requires less training)

- Simple installation and administration through platform-independent design

- Central server and data storage completely network-compatible client/server design

– Mul-T-Lock offers Software as a Service Hosting 

- Web service interface (. Xml) for communication with third-party applications

- Network connections, 128-bit SSL encryption plus the security afforded by software certificates on client and server