Where is CLIQ used?

  • Hospitals
  • Health centres and doctors’ labs
  • Retirement accommodations and vulnerable/elderly care homes

Who is considered?

  • Nurses/Doctors/Other Medical Specialists
  • Managers, including Drug Storage Managers and Facilities Managers
  • Home Care Staff
  • Cleaning Contractors


You need locks and padlocks for staff or treatment rooms and drug cabinets. Easy audit trail generation is critical, so you can  know who entered where, especially is you need to investigate an incident. You want to minimize the time your staff must searching for a key or key-holder.

CLIQ Solution

CLIQ’s powerful key access control functionality protects all kinds of healthcare sites, at doors, cupboards and more. Additional features adapted to this sector include:

  • Padlocks for securing drug cabinets and trolleys;
  • Waterproof keys (IP57) with easy battery replacement;
  • Wall programming devices for convenient staff key revalidation, ensuring high security levels.