Mul-T-Lock Netherlands

After a successful 35-year tenure as the largest Mul-T-Lock distributor in the Netherlands, the company has now been fully integrated as Mul-T-Lock Netherlands, as of 2019.

The extensive partnership will continue to be served by Mul-T-Lock Netherlands. Clients range from governments and office buildings to industrial applications and critical infrastructure. They all rely on Mul-T-Lock's high-security access solutions.


Mul-T-Lock Netherlands B.V. originated from the former Marenco. Below you will find our current contact information:

Location address: Ropes 124762 AT Zevenbergen

Mailbox Address:PO Box 1604762 AD Zevenbergen

Phone number: 0168 - 328 970

Email address:

VAT number: NL 8060 16 607 B01

Chamber of Commerce number: 20085869