MTL™500 patented mechanical platform integrates advanced technology for excellent protection and enhanced key copy control.
Ideal for medium to large-sized business customers, this is a locking system that addresses their diverse needs

• Provides a combination of protective elements to create a double locking mechanism
• Based on Mul-T-Lock's field-proven patented technology
Features & benefits

• MTL™500 supports large and complex master key systems, incorporating hierarchy and matrix requirements, even within the same suite.
• Fully backward compatible with the previous MT5®
• Keyed-alike and master keyable
• Wide range of cylinder and padlock types and sizes to fit every application
• Provides a variety of keying options
• Quick and easy to pin and assemble, using the same key machine and pinning kits as Mul-T-Lock's previous patented platforms

Meets high international standards to offer enhanced resistance to different forms of cylinder attacks.