MVP 22


For a visible deterrent, the MVP 22 is a top-mounted
lock that locks your vehicle's gearshift, protecting it
against theft. Suitable for both manual and automatic


Using a robust shackle and rigidly mounted to the
vehicle's chassis, MVP 22 prevents the movement of the gear lever.


• Keyless locking - insert shackle to lock
• Can be provided with an optional Internal micro-switch
for electronic security system integration

Cylinder Mechanism

Mul‑T‑Lock's unique high precision pin tumbler system


Reversible nickel silver key with plastic key head and
colored insert for identification. Also available in all nickel

Cylinder Options

• 7x7, Classic, Integrator®, Interactive®+, MT5®, CLIQ®,
MT5® CLIQ® platforms
• Keyed different, keyed alike
• Master keyed

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