Access Control at your Fingertips

Working on a modular system, eCLIQ® locks are quick and easy to install with no cabling required, offering an easy-to-install and low maintenance access control solution. Not only is maintenance not required for up to 200,000 cycles, but key batteries are also fast and easy to replace once every 30,000 operations, at a nominal cost to the business, with no need for specialist tools.

eCLIQ® offers a cost-effective and easy way to assign new access rights, no matter how many times your needs change. Locking cylinders can be individually programmed with time-limited access, so temporary rights for contractors and external service providers can be assigned quickly and easily. Lost keys no longer pose a security risk, as keys can be revoked electronically at any time.

The Key to Electronic Locking

  • Minimise the risks associated with lost keys
  • Flexibility to manage constantly changing access requirements
  • Enhanced security with CLIQ chip generation using AES encryption
  • Easy installation - no wiring requiredClear audit trails
  • Portfolio of locking options to suit a variety of applications

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eCLIQ Product Portfolio

eCLIQ NG10 Padlock

eCLIQ Euro Double Cylinder

eCLIQ Euro Single Cylinder

eCLIQ Scan Oval External

eCLIQ Euro Turn Cylinder

eCLIQ Cam Lock

eCLIQ User Key

eCLIQ Rim Cylinder

Experience eCLIQ technology in the world's favourite padlock

Designed for extreme conditions the eCLIQ NG10 padlock is ideal for applications that require durability and protection against elements.The eCLIQ NG10 padlock is an extension to the wider eCLIQ portfolio.It is embedded with micro-technology that collects information about who, when and where the padlock has been accessed to provide you with complete audit trail activity.