WatchLock®. Locks. Alerts. Secures.

Imagine a High Security padlock that could communicate. It would send you an alarm if someone opened it and inform you where it is.

By understanding the specific security needs of your business and assets, we've developed Watchlock , the ultimate gatekeeper - strong, smart and user-friendly. It provides you with intelligent security, combining real-time* warnings and tracking.

WatchLock combines a High Security mechanical padlock with advanced technological GPS location system and GSM communication. The system uses GSM-based communication technologies to provide real-time* information about predefined events and location (RTLS - Real-Time Location System) through a web-based application, email or text message.

As the first line of defense protecting your property, WatchLock is a robust High Security padlock designed for outdoor conditions. Moreover, it will inform you if and when a predefined event occurs that warrants your attention. Depending on your needs, you can define a variety of alerts and information you would like to receive.

WatchLock Benefits

  • Provides Real-time* Information - enabling you to decide when your attention is warranted.
  • Robust First Line of Defense - for protecting valuables no matter where they are.
  • Choice of Alerts - define and schedule the information for which you receive alerts. 
  • Reliable and Functional - includes worldwide coverage.
  • Saves Cost, Time and Physical Intervention - with remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Flexible Communication Device Options - cell phone, PC, or tablet, get alerts and information wherever it's most convenient.

WatchLock Features

  • Use Anywhere - battery operated, no external power source required.
  • Embedded GPS Capabilities - so you will know where WatchLock and your assets are anywhere in the world.
  • Communication Capabilities - via cellular technology that sends the WatchLock status to your phone or via the Internet.   
  • Ruggedized Design - for enhanced protection against harsh weather conditions.
  • Notifies you of the following actions: Opened; Closed; Repositioned; Moved out of or into a predefined geographical area; Low batteries or when the battery is replaced.
  • Impact Indicator - an optional feature, this provides you with an indication of break-in attempts.

* Real-time functionality is dependent on external factors such as network connectivity.