Motorized Lock MTL-35M


Motorized lock installed inside metal doors providing multi-bolt locking. Suitable for installation in new or existing metal doors with a multi-point locking mechanism.
Recommended for installation in Internal and external doors in public buildings, institutes and offices, such as - main entrance doors, safety doors with access control, fire doors, emergency and automatic doors.

A full electric multi-point lock combined with an automatic self locking and mechanical egress mechanisms
Access control is achieved by an electric command from an Access Control system such as a keypad, proximity or biometric readers
Mechanical opening is always possible from both sides of the door through a mechanical cylinder and from the internal side of the door through a panic bar or a handle

Operation power - 12VDC/1Am, 12 wires coaxial cable
Electricity backup power for 20 operations in case of power failure
Indications: Door open/locked; Door closed (not locked); Mechanical handle used; Mechanical cylinder used; Disconnection from 220V power

Installed with existing cylinder and hardware
Installed with Auxiliary side mechanism
Interface for a fire & smoke detection system - for emergency opening
Connection to an access control system through an external connection box