SMARTair® Updater


The SMARTair Updater creates a virtual online network system without the drawbacks of a cable network but including all of its benefits.

Updates are sent from the SMARTair software to the Updater (online) and are downloaded to the credential when it's presented to the Updater's wall reader.

In turn, the credential then updates the escutcheons, wall readers, e-motion and knob cylinders of the system when presented. 

The SMARTair Updater allows users to:

• Update credential authorizations without the need to go to the door with the portable programmer

• Register new credentials (users) without the need to go to the door with the portable programmer

• Collect audit trail from credentials

• Manage battery status via the audit trail collected from credentials

• Control doors - the Updater's wall readers can open doors and activate in/out locking 

Features of the Updater  

No limitation on the number of users per door

Registers and deletes users in real time

Enables recording and viewing of audit trails in the centralized database

Provides Offline operation in the event of a communication failure (with no user quantity limit)

The updater returns to online mode as it detects that communication has been re-established.

Possibility of connecting a second wall reader to control not only the entrance, but also the exit

Door indications

Reader module

With or without keypad

-RFID only

-RFID and code

-Code only

4-digit code

Read/write contactless chip identification technology RFID 13.56 MHz ISO1443A MIFARE classic 1K and 4K and Ultralight or iClass

Reading distance:10 mm with standard credentials

Red and green indication light

Control unit

Non-volatile memory

Operating mode:

Standard: Default operating mode; authorized credential is required to open

First user: The lock goes into passage mode after first access of an authorized credential


Power cable

Ethernet TCP/IP

PS/2 connector

VGA connector for a screen (optional)

Relay (for the wall readers)



Input:100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1A

Output:7.5V, 1.2A

Humidity: up to 85% without condensation

Temperature range: from -10°C to 80°C


Updater case dimensions

300mm x 300mm x 85mm