SMARTair Cabinet Lock (E-Motion)


E-Motion is an electronic lock for lockers which may be integrated into the SMARTair system (Offline or Update-On-Card).

Simple operation
System management through easy-to-use software

2 operation modes
High traffic:

All lockers are available to all users. Any user can select a free locker and lock it by presenting his/her card.
While the locker is locked, other users cannot open it, and the user cannot lock another locker.
Once the user has opened the locker, it is available to other users again.
User assigned:
Through the E-Motion or SMARTair software, a specific locker can be assigned to one or more users.
This mode of operation supports various access control features: authorizations, time schedules, daylight savings time and holidays, cancellation and replacement of lost tags, audit trail, temporary blockage, etc.

Electronic features
Reader module:

13.56 MHz, MIFARE® RFID technology
ISO 14443A
Contact-less cards/tags (MIFARE Classic 1K, 4K and ULTRALIGHT)
Reading range: 10mm with standard credentials
Compatible with mobile telephone NFC
LED indications (access authorized, access denied, low battery, etc.)
Control Unit:
Non-volatile memory
Up to 1500 users
Up to 1000 events recorded in audit trail
Real-time clock and calendar
Battery module:
Type: 3 x LR03 AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries
Estimated duration: 20,000 operations or 3 years
Changing the batteries is easy and simple; no need to disassemble the lock

Temperature range (external side): from -20°C to 70°C
85% humidity without condensation
Fire certificate: 30', 60' and 90' UNFEN 1634:2000

Door width (3 models): 2-12mm; 12-15mm; 15-25mm
'Long' or 'Short' footprint