SMARTair™ Escutcheon (Offline, UOC, Wireless)

The SMARTair™ wireless and battery powered escutcheons are ideal for transit, office or meeting room doors. The wide range of escutcheons offer a RFID reader and locking mechanism in one for all kind of doors .

Technical data

Door profiiles -
Suitable for wooden, narrow or glass doors
Traffic volume - Medium to high
Exterior usage - IP54 (Xetreme version) Up to 85% humidity -20 °C to +70 °C
Hardware compatibility and installation - High retrofit (compatible with most common mortise locks). Drilling, no cabling. Doors from 30mm up to 110mm (thicker doors may be possible on demand)
Power supply - Battery (from 60.000 to 80.000 cycles)* max. 2 years standby** Types of batteries: 3 LR03 AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries
Multi-authentication - RFID and PIN
Status information - Handle usage. Thumb turn usage: only in privacy  model. door position: door sensor ot included. No (normally open) connection. Override cylinder (in combination with special mortise lock)
Certification - CE (EMC, R&TTE). ROHS, REACH, WEE. EN1634 (Fire)
RFID tegnologies - HID iClass(R). MIFARE Classic and Ultralight SKIDATA. DESFire.
System management upgradability - Eschtcheons can be upgradable from Standalone > Offline . Update On Card > Wireless Online by:
- Adding RF Module
- Firmware upgrade
- Change of internal cover (plastic top)

Depending on reading technology (MIFARE, iCLASS etc.)
** Depending on cycles per day.

Electronic Technical Characteristics

Reader Module
• Activation Mode: The escutcheon is activated without any previous contact with the escutcheon, just approaching the credential, ensuring an efficient power consumption.
• Reading distance: 2-4 cm read/write distance with standard RFID credentials.
• Emergency opening: Jack connection is available to connect the portable programmer and emergency kit.
• RFID reader with capacitive keypad and backlighting LEDs (green/red/blue) for different warning signals: access authorized or denied, low battery level, etc.
• Buzzer included for PIN confirmation and access denied.
• Operating modes:
--Only RFID.
--Only PIN.

Control Unit
• Upgradeable firmware.
• Non-volatile memory. The escutcheon can be programmed to operate in 2 modes:
--Normal mode: 1500 users and 600 events.
--High traffic door: unlimited number of users filtered into 48 groups (permissions). Stores 1000 events.
• Number of PINs:
--PIN + RFID (or RFID + PIN): unlimited PINs (stored in card).
--Only PIN mode: 8.
--1 door PIN.
--7 common PINs per installation selectable in each door.
--Type of PIN: 4-6 digits.
• Real-time clock and calendar:
--14 time zones with 5 time periods (week days and holidays selectable).
--State tables: configure 20 changes of operating modes in a door per day (switch door from lock to unlock).
--Yearly calendar: is updated every month automatically by the wireless system.
--Automatic DST: Daylight Saving Time change. Updated with calendar.
• Operating modes:
--Standard: Default operating mode. Freewheeling handle until valid credential presented, then allows to open the door for 4-10 seconds (configurable).
--Standard ADA: Standard with double opening time.
--Passage mode: Escutcheon is always in open mode (configured by time zones or by authorized user after double badging).
--Double user: Two valid credentials needed to open the door.
--First user: lock in standard mode until first valid user enters, then will remain in passage mode (until closed by authorized user or automatically by time zone, state tables).

Battery Module
• Easy battery change.
• Maintains clock/calendar for 5 minutes without batteries.
• Battery status reported on every event or once a day if no event happens.

RF Module
• 868MHz or 915MHz selectable in field
• 30 configurable channels:
--From 868,00 to 875,25 in steps of 0,25Mhz each channel.
--From 915,00 to 922,25 in steps of 0,25Mhz each channel.
• Auto-link with communication Hubs (easy setup).
• Upgradable firmware.

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