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SMARTair, Mul-T-Lock’s friendly access control solution, upgrades your security to an entirely new level - with very little effort on your part.

SMARTair is friendly from the start, offering extra-easy installation that does away with costly and complex procedures. All you need to do is mount SMARTair directly onto the existing mechanical lock – no wiring required! And don’t worry: it fits almost any lock in just about any type of door - including glass doors, interior doors, emergency exits with panic bars, lockers, cabinets and more.

Once installed, SMARTair protects you with state-of-the-art access control, that is simple to program and easy to use. Its smart capabilities include authorizations, time schedules, event logs, instant cancellation of lost or stolen electronic cards, and more.

Here is an outstanding, truly modern High Security solution, combining exceptional quality with appealing convenience and stylish design, for organizations and businesses in a wide range of sectors: retirement homes, schools & universities, healthcare facilities, office buildings, sports clubs, government & municipal agencies, airports and many more.

Versatile SMARTair is available in several different versions:   

SMARTair Offline                                                                                                    
Independent of cumbersome computer connections, this effective system manages multiple door access with an easy-to-use portable programmer and encoded, contactless smart cards.

SMARTair Offline may be upgraded with an innovative Update-on-Card feature. This smart add-on facilitates system management by employing the users’ cards to pass information from the central station to doors throughout the premises.

SMARTair Wireless
Controlled directly from the system manager’s PC, this sophisticated version of SMARTair notifies managers immediately about events at every door, enabling them to change authorizations and schedules and even open distant doors – without moving from their desks.

SMARTair Standalone
This basic version of SMARTair manages access to a single door. Requiring no software or programming device, it relies on a friendly programming card to authorize or cancel electronic access cards.

SMARTair e-motion
A keyless electronic lock specially designed for lockers, that may be conveniently integrated into the SMARTair system installed on the premises. 

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Download SMARTair Brochure in English (European product) 

Download SMARTair Brochure in English (ANSI type product)


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